Find Out Why This Guy Cracks Eggs In A Ice-Cube Tray.

We all have our talents. Some of us are great cooks, others can get things organized at a drop of the hat.

Then there are those people who just have a knack of making everything look super easy. They somehow can do a one hour job, in around ten minutes, and still barely break a sweat! Well now you can be among them. These are some food hacks that will have you slapping your head at how simple, yet effective they are. Great for those who are on a busy schedule! 

This guy also gives a excellent hack involving eggs. Check out the video below. 



Pretty clever, huh?


This is a great method if you’re buying a lot of foods. Just store them in the freezer and they will still be fresh when you need them.

The egg trick is great, but I have to admit, since I am partial to a really good omelette, I can’t see many eggs hanging around for me to freeze. But what a wonderful way to preserve eggs and probably save a good bit of money. Imagine, no more wastage (as long as you have the space in your fridge that is)

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  • Susannah

    March 30, 2017

    I was suffering from IBS for years until I tried using Chaga mushroom. If only more people knew how potent this mushroom really is.

    • Julia King

      March 30, 2017

      Yes it’s a shame that more people don’t know about this amazing mushroom. That’s why we wanted to get the word out. Glad that it helped you heal your IBS.


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