Spirulina: The Green Superfood That Regenerates

Spirulina is a microscopic green-blue alga with a spiral shape, hence the name. Biologically speaking, it is one of the oldest inhabitants on the planet with an age of 3.5 trillion years. It has served as food for numerous cultures throughout history; in Africa, the Middle East and America.

Spirulina requires a warm climate to grow and alkaline water rich in minerals, such as that found naturally near volcanoes.

Spirulina belongs to the category of Super Foods , and many consider the source of more complete and balanced nutrients there.



Spirulina concentrates most of the nutrients our body needs: amino acids, numerous vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, as well as the rare essential fatty acid GLA, sulfolipids, glycolipids, polysaccharides and the so-called Spirulina Growth Factor (S.G.F )

the dark green color of spirulina is due to its high content of chlorophyll. The phycocyanin is a potent antioxidant that stimulates the immune system. Phycocyanin increases the survival rate of mice with liver cancer. Another unusual ingredient spirulina is the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) , a powerful enzyme that helps detoxify the body. SOD is one of more than 2,000 enzymes found in spirulina.


  • Spirulina is rich in nucleic acids RNA and DNA, needed to regenerate the genetic material of cells.
  • Spirulina is the richest source of linolenic acid (GLA). 3 times more GLA than evening primrose pink .
  • Spirulina is the richest source of vitamin E: 3 times more vitamin E than wheat germ and its action in the body is 48% higher than synthetic vitamin E.
  • Spirulina is the most abundant source of organic iron. It has 58 times more iron than raw spinach and 28 times more than beef liver .
  • Spirulina has the highest level of beta carotene there: 25 times more beta carotene than raw carrots.
  • Spirulina has 8 times more calcium than milk .
  • Half a kilo of spirulina has the nutritional value of 500 kilos of varied vegetables.


Given its unsurpassed nutritional profile there is no doubt that it is the ideal food in case of anemia or malnutrition. In fact, it is distributed in humanitarian aid programs in the third world to treat chronic malnutrition suffered by its inhabitants.


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Your green filet!

Spirulina is the food with the highest protein content that exists, even more than meat. It also contains all 9 essential amino acids in a balanced percentage and is digested more easily than meat.

Proteins make up 65% -70% of their weight, compared with meat containing 22% or lentils 26%, which makes it an excellent food for vegetarians and vegans whose diet is usually low in protein , As well as for athletes who need more protein to develop muscles and maintain high energy levels and high performance.


How does Spirulina Alga help you?

ChlorellaSpirulina has a bioavailability of 85-95%, ie all its nutrients assimilated almost entirely by the body. It is therefore recommended in pathologies presenting intestinal malabsorption as intestinal permeability, Crohn’s disease , etc.

The bioavailability of spirulina is greater because it lacks its cells of cellulose walls, like the rest of the plants. It helps fight diseases as diverse as diabetes , anemia, cataracts, arthritis and even cancer. Studies conducted at the National Cancer Institute in the USA concluded that sulpholipids from spirulina destroy the AIDS virus.
The essential fatty acid gamma-linoleic (GLA), abundant in breast milk to keep the baby healthy, is present in spirulina, one of the few foods that contain this fatty acid, which the vast majority have lack. Helps dissolve fatty deposits, prevents heart problems and reduces “bad cholesterol”.


AZTEC WARRIORS took spirulina to
increase strength and endurance in combat.


By Dr. Mercola .

Unlike most plants, which need to be cultivated and tended, spirulina is a surviving plant, able to withstand extreme temperature variations, neglect and still thrive. That is why it would be a good cultivation option on poor and inhospitable lands.
Spirulina is used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including poisoning by water contaminated with arsenic.

Algae, including chlorella and spirulina, do not prevent B12 deficiency in vegetarians by Dr. Mercola .
Vitamin B12 deficiency can wreak havoc, even death if not detected early. Vegetarians and vegans consume algae because of their high vitamin B12 content, since the rest of the sources of vitamin B12 are of animal origin. However, algae actually contain vitamin B12 analogs. An analogue is a substance that blocks the absorption of true vitamin B12, therefore the need for this vitamin actually increases.

Spirulina protects you from radioactivity .
Numerous studies have concluded that spirulina algae is a great alternative to protect against the effects of radioactivity. In fact, spirulina proved to be very effective at treating children exposed daily to the radiation left by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

It is recommended to use during and after chemo and radio treatments to reduce their toxicity.
This amazing Superfood can be a panacea for malnutrition .
According to a study conducted children who took a spirulina supplement daily five days a week for two months improved their nutritional and cognitive status compared to those who did not.
Spirulina is so nutritionally dense that NASA and the European Space Agency are investigating the benefits of incorporating it into astronaut feeding on spacecraft and on Mars.
Spirulina helps fight a wide variety of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, HIV and allergies, among others.


Useful Tips

Both Growth Factor Chlorella (GFC like Growth Factor Spirulina (GFS) help nutrient absorption, so your intake is recommended while other nutritional supplements.

Before meals spirulina will help you control your appetite.
Avoid coffee and tea while chlorella and mix it in hot drinks, which can damage their nutrients.
Ideal for strengthening the immune system, increase vitality and correct nutritional deficiencies of your pets . You see as improve your temper and look more silky and shiny coat recommended dosage for large dogs. 3 g and 2 g for cats and small dogs.
In the treatment of cancer a dosage of 20 grams or spirulina chlorella (or better 10 g each) are recommended.

Recipe for a tasty and supernutritiva drink:


  1. A tablespoon of chlorella
  2. A tablespoon of spirulina
  3. Water, juice of 1 lemon and stevia

Add a teaspoon of Acai to turn it into a super antioxidant ant-aging vitamin pump. Stir well and drink.


At the World Food Conference of 1974 the United Nations
to spirulina referred as “THE BEST FOOD FOR THE FUTURE “


The ORAC (Oxigen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale is used to measure the antioxidant capacity to absorb free radicals that damage cells. In the chart on the left we can see how spirulina far outweighs other fruits known for their antioxidant power.



********** Spirulina Bio *********


Spirulina is grown in the pristine waters of Haikou, on Hainan Island in the China Sea. Hainan Island is a tropical island protected as a “Special Zone” for the purity of water and air, which promotes sustainable agriculture and pollution control (no polluting industry is allowed inside the island). The rainforest of Haikou is dotted with hundreds of springs, hence the purity of its water, essential for the cultivation of microalgae without any contaminants.
Spirulina is grown in artificial ponds, allowing greater control to avoid heavy metals and toxins, which does not occur in seaweed, which are often contaminated not only with heavy metals but even with radioactivity, given the ease they have Some algae from absorbing radioactivity (precisely for this reason they are used to remove radioactive wastes).

BioOptimal Spirulina Tablets, USDA Organic Non-GMO 4 Certifications Premium Quality, No Additives Capsules or Fillers, Easy-to-Swallow, 120 CountBio Optimal easy to swallow tablets 120: spirulina bio 100% pure and natural organic farming. No taste or smell of fish or sea like seaweed. Free of pesticides and herbicides, soy , yeast, gluten , lactose, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners and genetically modified products . Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Spirulina powder 250gr

Price: 15.19 $ to buy





Dr Mercola SpiruBlue bio spirulina tablets 120:

4 capsules containing 2 g of spirulina (Arthospira Platensis), 4 mg of astaxanthin, 20 mg 300 mg chlorophyll and phycocyanin.
Other ingredients: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, coating of antioxidant extract based on phycocyanin extracted from spirulina.

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Pleasant aroma of vanilla. No odor or seaweed taste thanks to its antioxidant coating.
  • Free of pesticides and herbicides, soy , yeast, gluten , lactose, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners and genetically modified products .

Price: $22.97 to buy
Dosage: 4 capsules per day, preferably at least 30 minutes before the meal, in order to allow optimal absorption of nutrients. The dose can be divided into two doses a day for a greater benefit.


IMPORTANT: Avoid in cases of allergy to shellfish or iodine, even though the iodine content of spirulina is practically negligible, contrary to what happens with larger algae.


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